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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1222 – Live Broadcast of the Cube Battle agreement offer
Minimal could go drastically wrong through an Substance Strength Art like the Qi Refinement Art. As long as he obtained Substance Strength Crystals, there wouldn’t be too many difficulties with his cultivation.
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He introduced the storage device into his smartphone and focus the items. Immediately after he was completed, Zhou Wen’s manifestation made solemn.
The great person’s light s.h.i.+eld couldn’t prohibit all the bullets from just about every motion. Over the following secondly, the fantastic person’s entire body switched translucent such as a exposed Character Body system.
The wonderful person’s gentle s.h.i.+eld couldn’t block most of the bullets from each and every course. Within the next 2nd, the great person’s system switched clear much like a visible Character Body system.
Once the great guy died, the Cube’s display screen delivered to the preceding standpoint, returning to a zoomed out golf shot of Venus.
“He’s really not picking them up. They are all Mythical dimensional crystals!”
As outlined by Gu Dian’s intelligence, the sizing couldn’t completely manage the Cube’s operations. Venus’s overall look was an operation established because of the Cube.
Just after making the Hui household, Zhou Wen repeatedly teleported all the way up straight back to Luoyang, hoping to access his location prior to the countdown ended.
The bullet hit the sunlight s.h.i.+eld, nevertheless it neglected to go through it. Instead, the bullet shattered.
He inserted the memory card into his cell phone and study the elements. Immediately after he was completed, Zhou Wen’s phrase made solemn.
Now, Zhou Wen realized how the Cube would broadcast the battle on the dungeon.
Just like the Venusian occasion dungeon appeared, the great human being from before emerged in front of the steel creating once more. He landed on the base on the top of the hemispherical constructing with no reluctance.
Let Me Game in Peace
However the glowing particular person wasn’t really frosty, its movement was severely impacted as well as its performance slowed down down tremendously.
As soon as the piece of golden touched the program, it seemed to sink love it obtained dropped to a swamp and was easily devoured by it.
The bullet smacked the light s.h.i.+eld, however it neglected to enter it. As a substitute, the bullet shattered.
“A Partner Egg… A Mate Ovum dropped… He’s still not finding it up…”
While the great particular person wasn’t really freezing, its mobility was severely infected and it is velocity slowed down down significantly.
Now, Zhou Wen understood the Cube would transmit the conflict during the dungeon.
Nevertheless, over the following second, some thing alarming taken place. The shattered bullet become a mist of whitened frost. The frost mist froze whatever it touched.
Although the fantastic person wasn’t really iced, its convenience was severely impacted along with its pace slowed down tremendously.
Weakness: No Longer Weak
Just the hemispherical precious metal aspect was revealed above the magma. None of us recognized how deep it went.
Just like the Venusian instance dungeon showed up, the gold individual from before got before the stainless steel constructing once again. He landed for the software on the top of the hemispherical setting up without the hesitation.
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Pursuing that, the matter was just like Zhou Wen’s. The six doors launched as hordes of Steel Guards hurried out and golf shot for the golden human being from various information.
“He’s really not selecting them up. They are all Mythical dimensional crystals!”
Zhou Wen was slightly consumed aback as he observed the bullet pa.s.s via the great person’s physique without injuring him by any means. That was likely a Terror improvement.
Zhou Wen originally thought which he wouldn’t have the capacity to see nearly anything, but to his big surprise, the scene with the Cube evolved to the inner surface on the constructing. He could understand the wonderful human being standing within the hemispherical constructing.
The wonderful person prolonged a palm that released gold light, altering into a lighting s.h.i.+eld in front of him. Every one of the bullets that struck light s.h.i.+eld were clogged.
On the other hand, following a Terror modification, he needs to be completely invisible. Why was he still exposed?
“A Associate Egg… A Mate Ovum dropped… He’s still not picking it up…”
The material was very easy. There have been no videos or pics. There seemed to be only some simple wording.
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Nonetheless, Globe had struggled severe anomalies, so it needed longer to return to Luoyang than Zhou Wen acquired required. When he came back, the massive aluminum setting up had already surfaced.
Even though fantastic person wasn’t really iced, its flexibility was severely damaged along with its pace slowed down down drastically.
The golden human being easily complete off most of the Steel Guards. Subsequent that, a well known picture shown up. The alarm system sounded as being the Gold Fight G.o.d Tag I shown up.
The Wonderful Fight G.o.d raised a wonderful revolver and photo a bullet within the glowing person.
Even so, Earth obtained sustained significant anomalies, therefore it had taken longer to return to Luoyang than Zhou Wen obtained estimated. When he came back, the enormous metallic developing had already appeared.

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